Struggle Life Story of a Poor Indian Student | HinglishStory

Hello Visitor, This story is related to a student want to study but because of family and the financial problem he had to face many of problem during the study. so read this Indian poor boy story and do motivate himself for your passion and dreams.

Struggle Life Story of a Poor Indian Student | HinglishStory

Life Story of a Poor Indian Student

Can you Give me 1 kg rice No No  I can't give you rice already there is many due of are not paying how will I give and how will I do business I didn't get money from home yet No No I can't do business Like this? Yours have to Pay me First Or I cant give you .there is no stability to give you. You can go.

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Hey, Rahul, Hasan, Wake him Up to Wake up this fellow wakes up For three of us bring 6 Cake Go Come fast Take You brought only Cake .bring tea for us go bring the tea only with cake nothing will happen go bring Bring Bottle of water Hey Ramzan Clean up the place and wash the teacup Ok ..We are Coming Hello father Hello son. Your mother is very sick. that's why I have to her to doctor we might not send money of this month can you manage this month Yes father I will manage this month Okay Son Stay Nicely okay wait you all are going for tuition right So what my cycle is puñcēr so take me with you why will I take you my cycle is puñcēr take me please that I dont know. your Cycle is puñcēr so what to me take me with you that I dont know to Show me your face take me with you I will be late. take me I have got one idea No No .that won't be right he is from a poor family from where he will get he stays with us. Eats with us, Helps us. Does our work it won't be good He Never gave us food...He Eats our food Hey. Let us go outcome no I can't come with you all come no I can't come you wait for i cam coming to Brother pay me your bill My Friends went out After they will come I will pay they said you will pay the bill They will not come but I dont have money What??? You Dont have money and came to eat let me see what is there with you My Friends brought me here let me see what is there with you This is Not even of 200 come out don't have money and came to Eat don't come here anymore Uncle we are going to our village Our 4 month due was that I have to Ramzan To that boy. Take from Him Ok stay blessed What are you doing Dear Yes Uncle, I was studying Are you fine Uncle yes I am fine to Give me the rent Rent of what What do you mean by Rent of what Your Friends said Rent of 4 Month gave to you give me the rent But they have not given me any money but they said they have given they have not given . after they will come I will give Again you are telling me to lie No No they have not given me the money you are telling me to lie I am not living they have given money in your hand and you are living If you don't Pay I won't let you stay here.

Hello, Viewers, I Hope You all Liked This story of Every Student is a rising future of humanity. yet there are many students around us who are victims of humiliation and harassment. because of there financial and social advantages, many intelligent students are getting disconnected from many opportunities. besides, they to victimised by various inequalities in a different school, colleges and different educational institution. that is not a good sign for our society. our responsibility to see that all students are recognized in society.

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