Use and Download Process of Tellagami App for Android

Welcome to Hinglish Story, I'm Imran khan. Let's take a look at something called Tellagami app. It's a free android app. Tellagami, it sounds kind of like origami mixed with a telephone. Well, it does include some creativity, so we're kind of on that. It has a little bit to do with recording voice, so it's kind of related to what you said. That was a good intro.

Use and Download Process of Tellagami App for Android

Step by Step Process to Create Video

We're going to launch this app. It's free in the App Store. What this is is a storytelling app. What it allows students to do is to create their own avatar. I love it. I like that outfit, too. We can choose different characters, we can change their gender, so I'm going to change to a guy. I can do some skin tone. I'd like to be a little bit tanner than I am. No no, I think you've been to the beach there. I can change eye colour and go through. No way! All I'm going to say right now is I can see kids spending hours trying different personas on and outfits. I don't usually go dressed that way, but the point is is that after I choose the different character traits thatI'd like, I can move on and I can start to communicate with emotion. So you can start to see how this would work with special needs students, just as an example, not that it has to be limited to special needs students. Can I just touch - I want this one. Yes! I had to do that one. You know, that might make me feel a little angry if you did that, so why don't we change it. Yeah, but then you'd be surprised. But in the end, we're all happy about it.
 Then I'm going to click on the background, and I can change the background to something else. It can be a photo that I've taken. So, if I want my avatar to be in an environment of a picture I've taken. Oh, I love that! So Washington D.C. in the background if you had a field trip there. Oh, I like that idea. You see the photos and all the different things that are right there. I can also draw into the background, as well, and create some differentiation if you will. I can erase and do all those wonderful things. What's really nice that when I'm done, I can actually either type in something that the avatar represents, maybe as a character, and I want to describe the character, and so I describe the character of that person in a book, for example, or a character in history. Or I can actually record my voice. This is what I think is really neat. We can begin to record right away. We see we get 30 seconds. There's a 30-second limit. When we're done, we press stop, and then this person is actually going to be able to speak back. Oh, I love it! With gestures and everything else. I see so many great uses for this. This is so fun.

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Let's talk about aboutuses and implementation ideas. For students that have a hard time writing, and that just a difficult challenge, this would be a great way to help them start to tell a story. It could be an opportunity for them to revisit a time period in history and a character in history. What about the outfits, can you get historical outfits? Not that I've seen. I think, as far as I have seen so far, we're limited just to the wardrobe that is here. So again, I'm here with tops, and I can see that I'm limited just to those colours. In-app purchases? No in-app purchases that I've seen. It's a great thing to bring up, though, because we do have some multimedia, or I should say social media, tie-ins here. So, that is something to be aware of. But there is no storage of data in the cloud or anything like that thatI've seen. I also see that reluctant student that's quite shy being able to do this as many times as they need for a presentation and then using the avatar to speak for them. I love that idea, it's so engaging, and students really like this idea. And then we go to that assistive technology, the emotion, the ability to express oneself when maybe they can't do that yet. I love that, that's really neat. Pros, cons? I think one of the pros is that it's free, and it's very simple to use. It doesn't require a whole lot of instruction to get students up and going and can be used for a variety of different grade levels, particularly of course in the elementary grades. I think it's very flexible for that to meet a number of different needs with students. In terms of cons, it would be great - I'm kind of wishing the stars here - that we could have time-period pieces of clothing. I'm thinking of those characters like we talked about. If you're doing the main character of a book, and you want to put that clothing on that would help portray that character or historical figures like you brought up. I think that would be so neat. I think it's a well-done app certainly worth checking out. 

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