Learn Hinglish Language writing and Reading - HinglishStory.Com

Learn Hinglish Language writing and Reading - HinglishStory.Com

Hey guys in this post we will discuss and learn all about Hinglish language as we know Hinglish language is Firstly started from India and now all over the world use this technique to make his personal language easy to use and write in this format.

What is Hinglish language?

Hinglish language is the combination of Hindi and English where we write the Hinglish language with the use of English alphabets when pronounced the voice will come in Hindi and the meaning of the word is found in Hindi. You can also start a new language through this idea it's a very simple and easy technique. so read this article carefully and make your own Whatsapp chatting/SMS language.

In simple word to define Hinglish is that pronounce your own language but write the language using English alphabet so the upcoming languages called a combination of English and your language.

Example: Hindi + English = Hinglish

               Arabic + English = Arablish

               Spanish + English = Spanlish

               Chinese + English = Chinglish

This is very simple if you want to say anything in your own language then you simply said and another person easily understands but in case of Chatting in WhatsApp or another social app then generally you got only one language keyboard which is called English keyboard so you can make you personal language easy to write and understanding through this technique.

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Example 1: Let's suppose your mother tongue is not English and you want to ask "How Are You"

In Hindi, you write  "क्या हाल है" 

In Hinglish, you write "Aap Kaise ho"

In English, you write "How Are You"

Same as other languages let's check one more language.

Example 2: In the Chinese language you wrote like this  


But if you want to write using my language technique so you write the sentence like this 

"Ni Hao Ma"

So the meaning of upper this two word is the same and it's easy to understand.

Example 3: Let's try one more example so we will translate How are you? indifferent languages also with my hinglish language technique.

(Urdu) آپ کیسے ہو = Aap kaise hai
(Bengla)আপনি কেমন আছেন = Aapon Kamon Acchen
(Hindi)क्या हाल है = Aap kaise hai
(Arabic) كيف حالكم = Kaif Halkim
(Spanish) cómo estás = Como Estaas
(Chinese)你好吗 = ni hao ma

Learn Hinglish Language writing and Reading - HinglishStory.Com

Can we understand Hinglish easily?

Yes, Anybody can understand Hinglish easily 100% if they understand Hindi and know the English alphabet because Hinglish is the combination of Hindi and English where we use the English alphabet and Hindi mindset.

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I am from India and here Hinglish is the very common language for typing/chatting because it's difficult to use Hindi keyboard, Urdu keyboard or etc. So people made Hinglish language for chatting purpose. And we talk about the whole world I know you all use your mother tongue language and that keyboard but you can start a new language through these techniques.

Learn Hinglish Language writing and Reading - HinglishStory.Com

Translate/Convert Hinglish to Hindi?

It's very easy to translate Hinglish to Hindi because we are in the twenty-first century and a lot of Apps available to translate English to Hindi. Today's we know about famous Google translate app to translate Hinglish to Hindi. Simply copy your hinglish sentence and paste on Google translate app to get the translation of Hinglish.

Click on Download button for download Google Translate App.

Translate Hinglish to English?

Simply use Google translate application and translate/convert Hinglish to Hindi. Choose Hindi on left side and English on the right side on that app and type your English word or sentence then get the translation of Hinglish word in Hindi and English. See below image to understand.

Learn Hinglish Language writing and Reading - HinglishStory.Com

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I hope this article is helpful for all of you if you all guys really interested to learn, read and write a new language so you must try one time and comment below your opinion about this post and discover of new language technique also tell me you are from which country and what's your mother tongue. If you have any problem please comment below I will help you as soon as possible by the way check my another post.

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